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Our Mission

Our journey of hospitality started since the year 2005 as a POS solutions company for the hospitality industry in Australia and New Zealand. As years go by we realise that all the current POS solutions in the market can no longer help restaurants owner to manage and grow their business in line with customers demands.


Out of this reason, we decided to shift our company direction to become Customer Dining Experience E-Menu and Kiosk company accompanied by A.I solutions for the hospitality industry.


In the past we are spending too much time depends on the front end and back end solutions to collect data to understand our business health. However, the real fact is that when we receive the huge amount of data we do not know how to act upon it and produce the result we want.


How can we solve this challenges the answer is using our Customer Dining Experience solutions with data analytical consultancy.

We acknowledge this is a huge gap that needs to be filled immediately. We are providing ultimate sales and marketing tools not an ordering tools which can help businesses to provide better customer service, reducing cost, increasing profit, engage with their customers closely.


As for now and future, people are more prone to use tablets and mobile devices for communication we shall move together at the same pace with technology and embrace it.


We always seek for better solutions for our clients so that they can thrive and achieve higher goals in their business practice.


Again we are not just a tablet ordering company we are a Customer Dining Experience solutions company. 


Core Value

My name is Abraham Cheong. I am very grateful to be able to serve our customers all these years full heartedly with our company team members. We consistently evolving in our range of products and services to benefit our customers with integrity and innovations.


We highly focus on providing best customer dining experience through a combination of A.I driven online restaurant system in the form of Emenu, Kiosk, Mobile Ordering and Personalised Software Apps development that suit different segment of the industry.


We strive to provide the most comprehensive and high-value advisory services.


Our customers are our priorities, your success is our success.

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